Human Resources Professional

Wasserman is a great blend of personality, professionalism, and technical acumen. I could always count on them to be immediately responsive and a deliverer of high-quality talent. Not only have they been a trusted talent resource partner, they’ve been a great sounding board and adviser for many workplace challenges I’ve navigated.


Sr Software Engineer

I don’t typically utilize this feature on LinkedIn, but Wasserman definitely deserves it. Wasserman is one of the most down to earth recruiting partners I’ve come across in the corporate industry so far and it’s been a pleasure to cross ways. As talent in whatever industry you’re currently working in, Wasserman is someone you want to work with if you’re looking for your next position in your field of expertise.


Engineering Manager

This is my first time working with talent acquisition team and my experience working with Wasserman was very pleasing and successful. Wasserman are very detailed-oriented professionals and has the technical acumen to represent their clients very successfully. It was easy partnering with the team and it is a pleasure doing business with Wasserman.


Senior Technology Leader

Wasserman is very rare in the space of talent acquisition and partnership. They are genuinely interested in working to address the needs of the client and finding the most difficult of candidate types across several dimensions: technical, behavioral, economics and professional desire. I’ve worked with Wasserman across several companies and consider him a key partner for finding the right talent. Instead of burying you in a large pool of potential candidates, Wasserman will extract the gold and the diamonds in the rough and give you that. Wonderful to work with.


Vice President, Talent Acquisition

Wasserman is an outstanding recruitment partner. They do a phenomenal job engaging with clients, understanding their culture, their talent needs and their business drivers then quickly delivers best in class candidates. Wasserman’s technical acumen and vast network in that space makes them an incredible asset and partner to any organization.



Wasserman has the unique ability to take requirements that I provide and turn that into the exact candidates that I am looking for. They understand the technical aspects of IT as well as the soft skills needed in a successful candidate. Wasserman is one of the few partners that I have used that has my best interest in mind, rather than just looking for his next client or sale. They have been a great partner and I would not hesitate in recommending Wasserman.


Sr UX Designer

I had a great career changing experience with Wasserman. They understood my career goals and helped me to connect with the right employer. They always kept me posted on the employer’s feedback. The entire interview-to-hire process went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend Wasserman to anyone seeking a new career opportunity.